General Information

Dialing code: 441
Population: 64,700 (2011) World Bank
Official language: English Language
Size: Bermuda is 22 square miles, 21 miles long and 2 miles wide at widest point. You are never more than five minutes away from the ocean.
Time: EST +1, GMT -4
Health: The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital is located near Hamilton and the Lambe-Foggo Clinic serves the east end. The hospital is government run and a member of the American Hospital Association.The emergency number is 911
Weather: Sub-tropical with temperatures ranging from 85F in July to 65F in January. There is no rainy season.
Communications: There is a well-developed communications infrastructure with internet, wireless, mobile services on offer. Phone cards are available throughout the island.
Religion: Anglican is the predominant religion, followed by Catholic, African Methodist Episcopalian and then a range of diverse churches.
Transportation: The public transportation system of buses and ferries is reliable with tokens tickets and passes available at the bus and ferry terminals. Cars are not available for hire to visitors, but motor bikes are.
Banks: There are four banks plus ATMs throughout island which dispense Bermuda dollars.
Public Holidays: There are Nine public holidays per year, including Christmas and Boxing Day (the day after Christmas.