Bermuda’s Emerging Professionals (BEPRO) is a unique opportunity for young professionals to join the Chamber as individual members. The division is focused on developing emerging professionals through social and corporate activities. From self-improvement and topical lunch & learns, to charity outreach, beach volleyball and summer cruises, BEPRO events offer members the opportunity to develop their networking skills and enhance and advance their professional objectives. Most BEPRO events are offered free of charge to members, and members (aged 18 to 40) may also take full advantage of all other Chamber activities at low membership rates. BEPRO membership is offered at just $50 per year.

#Organisation Name
1Aaron Bassett
2Acacia Trott
3Adrian Faries
4Akilah Reid
5Alanah Bacon
6Alathea Hall
7Alex Lymbery
8Alicia Williams
9Aliyyah Ahad
10Altie Campbell
11Amanda Fubler
12Anderica Gilbert
13Andrew Mendonca
14Anthony Easton
15Antoine Richards
16Antonia Holder
17Arion Mapp
18Ashleigh Cassell
19Asia Ming-Raynor
20Caitlin Gordon
21Channing Dill
22Chantelle Emery
23Chris Finsness
24Chris Phillips
25Christian Stevens
26Christina Jones
27Christina Tucker
28Christopher Parker
29Claire Frith
30Connor Burns
31Coral Wells
32Cornell Hall
33Courtney Daniels- Bushner
34Damian Pitcher
35Damir Armstrong
36Dane Benjamin
37Daniel Reece
38Danielle Lightbourn
39Dennis Lister
40Derrick Golding
41Erica M. Simmons
42Erica Martin
43Erin Basden
44Ezekiel Stoneham
45Faron Aitken
46Ibou Barry
47Jahmeko Virgil
48Jahni Holder
49James Roland
50Jamillah Lodge
51Jamion Simmons
52Janis Palmer
53Jenia Thompson
54Jeremie Hayward
55Justin Marion
56Kareem James
57Kassie Bather
58Keivon Simons
59Kelly Rego
60Khalid Davis
61Khy Burgess
62Kimberley Moore
63Kishana Thomas-Quallo
64Kondwani Williams
65Korie Minors
66Kris Furbert
67Kyle Evans
68Lakea Dill
69Lamar Caines
70Laura Bolton
71Lauren Joell
72Liz Ebbs-Brewer
73Lovette Tannock
74Maryem Biadillah
75Matthew Francis
76Matthew Ringer
77Matthew Sinclair
78Maura Almeida
79Maxine Lee Ming
80Maxwell Hassell
81Megan Lopes
82Megan Rumbelow
83Melanie Mendonca
84Melvin Dickinson
85Meredith Lombardo
86Michael Landy
87Miles Dill
88Morgan Simons
89Nick Kempe
90Nicola Arnold
91Nicole Warren
92Olivia Riley
93Owen Charles
94Pete Saunders
95Peter Sousa
96Philip Trott
97Rachelle Frisby
98Randy Brangman
99Rolisa Camille
100Ryan Cabral
101Sahima Choudhury
102Salintae Tuzo-Smith
103Samantha Saunders
104Sarah Faiella
105Scott Clarke
106Scott Nearon
107Seth Pearman
108Shani Simmons
109Shannon Randell Hall
110Sharmaine Landy
111Sian Hall
112Sophie Francis
113Sophie White
114Stacy Oughton
115Stefan Smith
116Stephanie Lee
117Surlena Smith
118Sylvia Jones
119Tanecia Barnett
120Theresa Roque
121Tiffany Swainson
122Tracy Lambert
123Vanessa Bartley
124Velina Wheatley-King
125Venetia Furbert
126Victoria Clarke
127Zuri Darrell